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We are proud to offer a team of qualified and professional accountants and business people, each with their own specialisms and abilities. Together they can create a business plan that will propel your business forward and allow you to achieve your future goals.

What is a business plan?

  • A business plan is an essential document that gives your potential lender, buyer or investor the information they need to offer that all important loan or funding. Your business plan should include the following:
  • A cash flow management report
  • Forecasted income, spending and profits for the next 5 years
  • A statement of the current financial state of the business
  • A written summary of the overall goals of the business
  • A written statement of how the money or investment will be spent

Research on trends, markets and relevant details about your product or service that will back-up your expectations

Why do you need a business plan?

All banks will expect at least a basic business plan to allow them to consider a loan application – most will want this to be professional and comprehensive. Any investor will also want to see your vision for the future of your business and the ways that their money will be spent. If you want to sell your business, your plan will be an invaluable tool. A business plan also gives you a blueprint for your future actions. You can use it to compare your actual and expected goals and make changes to fix any discrepancies that may occur along the way. In short – your business plans is probably the most important document you will produce during the early days of your business planning.

What if you don’t have the skills to write a business plan?

Vertice Services are experts in writing business plans and our team of accountants and business leaders have run businesses of their own. They understand the right way to produce a business plan and the importance of keeping it updated on a regular basis.


Your business plan needs to be objective and honest and this means that it should be written by an outsider – someone who can see your business with fresh eyes. Your skill lies in identifying the goals and objectives of your business – ours is in writing those in a way that investors and lenders will understand and be inspired by.

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