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Business Plan

At Vertice Services we believe that failing to plan is planning to fail. To help you to plan properly, you will be assigned to one of our business advisers. Our team of SFEDI full-time professional business advisers (all with hands-on business experience) can guide you through the essential steps to launching your own business.

We also have a pool of business consultants with specialist knowledge, ranging from accounting to new technology, who can help you with specific problems.

The first essential for a new business is a robust and realistic business plan. Your business adviser will give you all the expert help you need to compose it. Your plan will include the following:

  • help you spot potential pitfalls before they happen
  • structure the financial side of your business efficiently
  • focus your development efforts
  • work as a measure of your success

The following people or institutions may request to see your business plan at some stage:

  • banks
  • external investors – whether this is a friend, a venture capitalist firm or a business angel
  • grant providers
  • anyone interested in buying your business
  • potential partners

You should also bear in mind that a business plan is a living document that will need to be updated and changed as your business grows. Regardless of whether you intend to use your plan internally, or as a document for external people, it should still take an objective and honest look at your business. Failing to do this could mean that you and others have unrealistic expectations of what can be achieved and when.

At Vertice Sevices we help you to prepare the business plan from the beginning to end.