Our Cash Flow Management service provides specific advice on the financial planning and forecasting part of that process

We recognise that the forward planning of your business’ financial health is the first step towards its longevity and this is a factor that is recognised by lenders too. With that in mind we have brought together a team of professionals that can point you in the right direction when it comes to getting that all important funding for your business.

Why your business plan is the first and most important step

The first expectation of your lender is that you can present a coherent and realistic business plan that truly represents your current business finances and where you expect them to go.


Unless you are experienced in writing a business plan, there is a very good chance you will miss some of the most important information and lose access to that all important funding.


Our teams are experts in business plan writing and understand that cash flow forecasts need to make up the bulk of this document.

What to expect from your Cash Flow forecast

Our reports are produced either yearly or quarterly and divided into weeks or months depending on the need. In some cases they may need to be produced daily.


We take the time to identify the current and future sources of income and compare these with the expected expenses going forward. This gives us a clear statement of profit. We report the expected amounts and the actual amounts as separate items.


We list the following items on our Cash Flow Management statement:


  • Receipts
  • Payments
  • Excess of receipts over payments
  • Opening bank balance
  • Closing bank balance


Your forecast can then be used as part of your business plan to help in your funding request.

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