We can offer the services of a Chief Financial Director (CFO) to achieve results at a lower investment

Vertice Services work closely with our clients at all levels of their business journey. We understand that some businesses have the need for a CFO, but not necessarily the resources to employ one full time.

This is where our CFO services comes in – you get the services of a professional financial director, but only when you need it. This saves you money, but also allows you to meet all of the legal and financial obligations required to successfully run your business. Plus the advice is second to none.

What does a CFO do?

There are three main aspects to a CFO or Financial Directors role:


    • Reporting – the CFO is generally responsible for presenting accurate and timely reports to all company stakeholders. Accuracy is paramount as business decisions will depend on these figures.
    • Finances – the CFO will be responsible for the state of the company finances and will have a hand in investment and funding. This includes the structure surrounding shares and capital holdings.

Strategy – the CFO will take the lead on the future financial strategy of the company and work out how best to capitalise on the financial structure. Economic forecasting is an essential part of this role.

Why do you need a CFO/Director?

It is true that a good accountant will ensure you are meeting your financial reporting needs, but the services of a CFO will take you several steps further. They have an overall knowledge of the business and can advise on the steps needed to reach financial goals.


This is high level work that comes only from many years experience and industry knowledge. Most business owners don’t have this level of expertise.

How a CFO can save you money?

With the experience that a CFO has, they can be very expensive to hire on a full time basis and most smaller businesses will find they cannot afford the very best advice. However, the ability to buy this service on a part time basis gives you back the flexibility you need – your CFO is committed to your success, but they are only there when you need them.


Not only can you rely on your CFO to give you the best advice and to complete their tasks with efficiency and skill, but they will enhance your profitability – improving your business. Many smaller firms find that after a short time they are able to invest in this service on a full time basis, once they have seen the value it adds.

Contact us about your personal CFO

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