Master Your Exit: The Payment Institution Owner's Guide

Running a regulated payment business takes hard work and dedication. But eventually, every owner faces the decision to move on to new opportunities.

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Are you confident your exit strategy is locked in when the time comes?

With our “Free Exit Strategy Guide for Payment Institutions”, you’ll gain an insider’s look at the pathways available and key considerations for exiting your UK-based firm smoothly and lucratively, including:

  • Selling to a new owner or established business
  • Management buyouts and family successions
  • Liquidation walkthroughs and compliance
  • Valuation drivers and deal structuring
  • Tax optimization and wealth transfer tactics
  • And strategies for client/employee retention


Don’t leave the future of your life’s work to chance. Use this comprehensive guide and take control of your exit, maximizing value while protecting your legacy.

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We are here to help

Engaging in negotiations by yourself, whether facing a single offer or multiple proposals, typically results in getting less than the deal’s potential. Would you ever finalize a transaction without the expertise of an accountant or a lawyer? Our involvement has historically enhanced deal values for our clients by an additional 15-25%. Avoid missing out on potential gains; choose us to partner with you in your deal.

From maximizing your sale price to navigating regulatory submissions, Vertice Fintech is your partner in achieving optimal outcomes in the fintech marketplace.

Expertise at the Helm

Led by Rodolfo Basilio, with over 12 years of fintech expertise in the UK, Vertice Fintech stands at the forefront of the fintech consultancy sector.

Entrepreneur and investor, Rodolfo Basilio is also a senior accountant, business consultant and founder of Vertice Services. He also founded Angra in 2015 and exited in 2022, and co-founded Remitec in 2018 and exited in 2022.

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Vertice Services can help you with managing your accounts and maximize your profits through practical and strategic advice. Or by giving you the information you need to succeed in your business, whether you are an existing company or are just starting out.

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