You want to keep them happy as a means of motivating them to always do their best to benefit your company. One of the ways to do this is by making sure that they get their correct dues on time

To avoid any costly errors when paying your able team, it is highly recommended that you invest in our high-grade payroll services. We deliver comprehensive payroll services backed by professional payroll specialists. These are passionate professionals who have years of experience. We offer the services for all types of employees including full time, part-time, freelance, and contract employees. On a weekly or monthly basis, we calculate:

  • Net pay.
  • Maternity pay.
  • Holiday pay.
  • Sick pay.

In addition to offering payslips for all your employees, Vertice Services also takes care of P45 and P60 forms as well as other administrative functions. We also deliver detailed labour and wage report that allows you to take a deeper look into how your business operates.

When you make the right decision of leaving the payroll duties in our hands, rest easy knowing that we only use the best software to make the calculations to deliver impressive results that are error-free. This gives you a chance to concentrate on other core areas of your business instead of always worrying about how to pay your employees. It is also comforting knowing that working with us means that you will never have to waste any time trying to rectify payroll mistakes that can be quite stressing.

Why Hire Us?

  • Businesses can rely on our payroll services because we already have a proven track record in dealing with various payroll issues.
  • We are not out to exploit our clients; thus, offer cost-efficient services.
  • Our friendly and highly trained support team is always ready to offer a listening ear and offer practical solutions.
  • Zero outages – Our services are cloud-based and we always make sure that they are up and running at all times so that you do not have to deal with annoying downtimes every second.
  • Our payroll services can easily be integrated into your other programs so that everything works seamlessly together to save you a lot of time and other resources.
  • Employers enjoy a better working relationship with their employees because they do not have to deal with a disgruntled team because of wrongful pay.
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I have been a client since the very beginning. Profssionalism is paramount for them. The founder Rodolfo Basilio is a visionary and took the firm to where it is now. Definitley recommended.

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