Vertice Services understand that preparing your tax returns can be challenging when you need to also run your business. You may also struggle to employ an accountant due to the high cost. We provide a bookkeeping service that will give you the compliance you need

Our service is secure and conducted entirely online. We simply ask that you keep your details up to date and we will do the rest. You will know exactly what your commitment is and you will always be prepared to meet those tax deadlines.

How does our tax return service work?

Whether you operate as a company or a sole trader, you will be expected to complete a tax return on a regular (usually annual) basis. Failure to meet these deadlines can result in penalty charges as well as interest on any unpaid tax. This can be costly and is easy to avoid.
Vertice Services will set you up with an online or paper system that is easy to keep updated and can take just a few minutes each week to complete. We simply ask that you keep these details up to date and we will ensure that your tax return is completed and sent well before the deadline comes around. We will provide you with a copy of your return that will detail what you need to pay and when.

Why you need help with your tax return

  • For most people, filling in a tax return is complicated and time consuming. However an expert can complete it quickly and accurately on your behalf.
  • You will never again miss deadlines and can rely on our service to ensure you never pay another penalty.
  • Accuracy is essential with a tax return and to ensure you don’t pay more than you have to. An expert will give you the right advice to keep your tax as low as possible.

Taking away the stress of completing your tax return will mean that you can focus on the running of your business.

Who needs to complete a tax return?

These days it is not just business owners that need to complete a tax return. There are now a number of categories of people that will be expected to file each year.


Business owners – anyone who runs their own business either a company or as a sole trader will need to fill in a tax return.
High earners – if you earn more than £100,000 you are expected to provide details to the tax office.
Child benefit claimants (with one partner earning more than £50,000) – You may be required to pay some or all of the child benefit back.
Others – if you didn’t pay enough tax last year, you receive income from a rental property, you receive income from overseas. (this list is not exhaustive)

Contact us about your tax return

We are looking forward to talking to you about your tax return and the help our professionals can offer.
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