Vertice Services are committed to supporting our clients through the process of setting up and running their business. Our Business Assessment service is a huge part of why our clients trust us and turn to us for insight

We have a team of SFEDI trained individuals who are full time business advisors and who recognize the importance of understanding your business from the ground up. They take the time to assess your business and will assist in specific decisions that will take you from launch to success.

Why you need your company accounts done professionally

You will be assigned a business professional who is skilled in your industry and who is fully trained to offer the best in-depth analysis of your business. They will assess your business by looking at a number of key performance indicators (KPIs), although they will vary depending on your industry.

  • Financial performance – profit and loss, sales, turnover, expenditure
  • Marketing performance – what is your return on investment?
  • Customer retention – repeat business, customer loss, new customers
  • Customer satisfaction – how happy are your customers and if not, why not?

Efficiencies – are your systems working well?

Why do you need a business assessment?

Whether your business is in the early days or you are already established, a Business Assessment can offer a deeper insight that comes from an objective viewpoint. This isn’t just an overview – this is a robust analysis of the data held within your business. Even successful businesses need to have a good understanding of how they got there, so they can continue to do what works. For businesses that are starting to face problems, a business assessment is essential to discover where mistakes are creeping in. At every stage of your business, an assessment can provide the insight needed to propel it forward and deliver the change that truly works.

Business assessments are useful for new businesses too?

If you are just starting your new business, you may wonder if you yet have the data needed for a meaningful business assessment. You certainly do. Not only do we look at the data from your burgeoning business, but we take our many years of experience in your industry and apply it to your business, going forward. This insight allows you to plan how your business will grow for the next 12 months and beyond. This is useful as part of your business plan and can help you in setting financial and creative goals.

Contact us about your business assessment

Vertice Services are more than happy to have a chat with you about your business assessment or any other business service you require. We are a group of highly trained individuals who come together to give expert advice.


Feel free to give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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