Vertice Services provide expert and professional advice to those seeking Buy to Let mortgages or advice. We work with existing and new landlords and anyone who is wanting to buy a property that will provide them with an ongoing income and investment opportunity

Our team is highly qualified and able to give advice on mortgage options, investments, taxation and more. We know that being a buy to let landlord can be hard to navigate and having the right advice makes all the difference.

What type of advice will you be looking for?

Anyone looking for a Buy to Let mortgage or advice will know that there is much more to think about than just getting that mortgage loan. Our experts offer advice on the following:


  • Buy to let mortgages, including those with low deposits, first time buyers and portfolio builders.
  • Taxation advice to ensure you pay the least amount, but stay within the law
  • Portfolio building and how to create a portfolio even with low capital
  • Legal advice for landlords including staying within the rules for multiple occupancy and tenancy agreements.
  • What to do when you want to sell your property or evict.

Making the most of your investments, when to buy, where to buy and what your return should be.

How our clients benefit from Buy to Let advice

Buy to lets have become a popular choice for anyone wanting a long term investment option – especially for retirement. Many choose to have just one property, while some build a substantial portfolio. Getting the right advice will ensure you reap the benefits quickly. Benefits of good advice include completing your property transaction quickly and with the right deal for your needs. Our clients also know they are getting a decent return due to lowered interest rates and focused mortgage products only available through a broker. You will also know when is the best time to sell and what the market rate for your property is. This all helps to get the investment return you deserve.

Contact us to find out how we can help

We have a huge team of finance professionals who are more than happy to talk through your Buy to Let options. Just give us a call and we can set up a meeting at your convenience. We are looking forward to your call.
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What my client say


I have been a client since the very beginning. Profssionalism is paramount for them. The founder Rodolfo Basilio is a visionary and took the firm to where it is now. Definitley recommended.

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